It's Free Comic Book Day!

Hey, hey, it’s the First of May! Free Comic Book Day starts today! Or words something to that effect…

I’ve been so distracted by work and other duties that I completely forgot how close we were to Free Comic Book Day. How close are we? It’s now! Right now! Everyone panic and run around!

If you live in Lubbock, Star Comics at 2014 34th Street has you covered. They’ve got comics already bagged up and ready to hand out — two different selections, one for all-ages readers, with lots of great kid-friendly comics (but there are lots of great all-ages comics out there, so grownups, don’t be shy about picking that one up), and one for the fanboys (and fangirls), with comics produced by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, and others.

If you’re reading this but you’re not from Lubbock — don’t worry, your local comic shop is probably giving out free comics, too. Go check ’em out!

And if you’re not familiar with Free Comic Book Day, don’t worry, it’s easy to participate. Just head out to your friendly neighborhood comic shop (don’t bug grocery stores, convenience stores, or regular bookstores — this is an event just for comic shops), and see what they have available.

Remember, you can’t just pick any comic off the rack and demand to get it for free. You’re not going to get a free copy of Action Comics #1, no matter how much you try to rules-lawyer your way around things. Comics publishers put out special editions of their comics specifically for Free Comic Book Day — usually something promoting some of their other comics or an upcoming comic event. You’ll be able to get the special FCBD comics for free — not the other comics in the store.

Some stores will let you have only one. Some will let you have several. Some will let you pick which comic you get. Some will give you one at random. Some will have other special offers in the store. Some won’t. Ya rolls yer dice, ya takes yer chances.

Whatever you do, get there early. Supplies are limited, and once they’re gone, there ain’t no more left. If you get there just before closing time, you probably won’t get any free comics at all. Get there early so you don’t miss out.

And fer cryin’ out loud, once you get your free comic, take a walk around the store, and see if there are any other comics, games, books, or toys you want to buy. You’ll look like a weirdo if you run in, grab your free comic, then run out like a freak. Be neighborly, people.

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