Friday Night Fights: Mud Slinging!

People, it’s the weekend. I know you may be used to the idea of starting your weekend by sitting quietly at home, enjoying a light meal of celery and bean curd, and catching up on your sock darning, but the rest of us can’t stand to see you treat yourself that way any more. That’s right — this is an intervention, and we’re going to set you on the path to healing and happier weekends with a little something we call… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

I might shoulda saved this evening’s battle ’til somewhere in December… but that’s way, way too far away, so we’re just gonna use it tonight. From January 1995’s “Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas” story in the Batman Adventures Holiday Special (by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm), here’s Batgirl assisting Detectives Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock as the mushy menace known as Clayface robs a department store:

There’s kicks-to-the-face… and then there’s kicks-through-the-face…

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