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Madame Xanadu #26

Sammy is a little homeless boy who’s plagued by a tremendously noxious odor. No one can stand to be anywhere near him, the schools won’t accept him, animals run away from him. Well, except for dogs. Dogs chase him and try to eat him. When he can escape from the dogs, he sleeps in someone’s basement — always the same basement — and he has happy dreams where he’s a brave hero. But even in his dreams, he’s pursued by the Space Witch. Eventually, after much too long lost on his own, he meets up with the Space Witch — Madame Xanadu, of course. And she reveals the great secret about Sammy’s life.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Another strange, sad story from this series. Don’t be put off by Chrissie Zullo’s art — it may look like a bunch of “Precious Moments” figures, but that’s just to draw you into the storybook feel of this tale.

Wonder Woman #602

The alternate history version of Wonder Woman is trying to save a small enclave of Amazons hiding out at a hidden temple in Turkey. She bonds with them for a while, talks to the gods, and goes out to fight the soldiers waiting outside the temple to kill them.

Verdict: Thumbs down. There’s some fighting at the beginning and the end, and the entire middle is taken up with a lot of talking. And it’s pretty boring talking. Come to think of it, the fighting ain’t that great either. It’s just not a very entertaining comic at all.

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  1. WizarDru Said,

    August 27, 2010 @ 8:45 am

    I’m a fan of JMS, but this WW DID feel pretty lackluster. The art was…hmm. It wasn’t BAD, but it felt very wasteful. How many giant panels of Really Angry Diana leaping out of somewhere do we need. The fights didn’t really seem dynamic.

    Worse, the central idea of the story was telegraphed a million miles away. You knew what would happen from the first few pieces of dialog in the temple and the story did absolutely nothing to surprise you. It didn’t feel like much actually happened and given that the amazons appear to be completely unarmed, it’s never made clear why they don’t try to just blow them up or attack. It just felt kind of ‘phoned-in’.