Hell Raisers

Hellboy: The Storm #3

Britain’s Noble Dead have risen from their graves, ready to march to war with Hellboy as their leader. But Big Red is getting cold feet — the utter bizarreness of the whole situation has gotten to be too much. He can’t bring himself to trust anything he’s been told by the people who supposedly know what they’re talking about, and his friend Alice can’t argue him back down. He leaves Excalibur with Alice and walks out past his army. He runs into a bum who tells him that even his army of zombie knights have no hope of surviving against Queen Mab‘s monstrous fae army. But maybe if he goes ahead and calls on the armies of Hell. All that, plus Baba Yaga returns to make a bargain, and Queen Mab learns that she’s ultimately serving a force much more powerful.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Lots and lots of stuff happening, all building up to a great climax. So many cool moments — Hellboy is a playa, Baba Yaga gets a great scene, and the seemingly unstoppable Mab learns who’s really calling the shots for her. Great writing as always from Mike Mignola, and great art from Duncan Fegredo.

iZombie #5

A bit of a wind-down issue here — Amon makes Gwen realize that she can’t remember how she died; Spot tells Gwen that he actually outed himself as a were-terrier to one of his friends; Gwen spends some downtime with one of the monster-hunters; and the vampires want revenge for Claire’s death.

Verdict: I think I’m actually going to thumbs-down this one. It’s 20+ pages of not-very-much-happening, and it’s too early in this one’s run for that kind of stuff.

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