Thanks Forgiving

Another Thanksgiving’s come ’round. I hope you’re able to spend it with your family and/or friends, and that you’re well-fed and happy. If not — I do hope that next year is better for you, and better for us all.

And for those of us enjoying the good life, I also hope that you’ll keep in mind those who are struggling through rough times. More and more these days, we seem to be turning ourselves into a less empathetic people, who think the poor deserve their sorrows, that showing compassion is a form of weakness, that cruelty is good for ratings and great for business. It shouldn’t be that way, and I really wish someone would tell the Lubbock City Council that.

Alright, fine, let’s have some Thanksgiving comic covers.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, hope you enjoy a nice slab of turkey, watch some football, and do some proper visiting with your family and friends.

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