Friday Night Fights: Ultimate Robot Battle GO!

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, man, and you’ve so good for Santa Claus, you just can’t stand it no more. What better time to bust loose and get wild than your good old-fashioned FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Ya know what we need today? We need robots. We need one valiant, charismatic hero who’s gonna punch the snot out of a robot. And that one valiant, charismatic hero… is an adorable five-year-old with green hair.

From Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&!, Volume 5, published in Japan in 2006, with the English translation hitting in 2009, where Yotsuba meets up with the mighty robot Danbo (actually her friend Miura’s class project):

Wait for it…

…Wait for it…

BAM! The Avengers need to hire that girl to take care of Ultron.

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