Friday Night Fights: Naughty Spawn, You Face the Tick!

People, I know things are getting more and more hectic as we get closer to Christmas. Heck, even the weekends don’t seem to offer the relief they normally do — there are more activities, and everyone’s trying to get their shopping done. But we gotta grab some enjoyment from our weekends while we can. So let’s get this weekend started the right way, with a little of the ol’ ultraviolence and… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes from November 1989’s The Tick #6 by Ben Edlund. The Tick has stumbled onto his first real supervillain — the seemingly evil and kinda communist Red Scare! How will the nigh invulnerable Tick prevail against this champion of the commies?

Alright, people, get out there and vanquish the forces of Stalinism… by SHOPPING.

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