Friday Night Fights: Starmen and Tigers and Bears!

Alright, people, it’s Friday again, and that means it’s time to get your weekend started off the right way. No, that doesn’t mean you get to play canasta, or paste up new wallpaper, or learn how to line-dance. It means we start things off with… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us courtesy of March 1942’s Adventure Comics #72 by Gardner F. Fox and Jack Burnley. I know James Robinson’s 1990’s “Starman” series would have you think that Ted Knight, the Golden Age Starman, was a bit of sensitive scientific genius, but back in the ’40s, Starman tended to unleash some really serious whupass. How much whupass? Well, how about fighting-bears-and-tigers whupass?

How ’bout you? You ever used a tiger to club a bear into unconsciousness? No? Maybe you’d better try it this weekend.

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