Friday Night Fights: Fist of the Northstar!

So Marvel has just announced that Northstar is about to get married — which means one of the Big Two has finally caught up to Archie Comics! But I’m glad for Northstar anyway, and as long as Marvel treats the marriage respectfully and not as a cheap event, I’ll be happy. And to recognize that Northstar is a fighter, not just a lover, we’re dedicating this edition of Friday Night Fights to him.

So here is 1991’s Marvel Comics Presents #92 by Karl Bollers, Antonio Matias, and Joe Madureira putting the spotlight on the superspeedy Northstar and his fight against a gun-happy terrorist.

Wow, early Joe Madureira art looked not very much like classic-era Joe Madureira art. And holy schnooks, that’s one heck of a ponytail you’re sporting, Mr. Northstar!

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