Everyone Hates the New 52

This is a week or two old, but just too funny to let pass.

It started as a simple poll on the DC Comics Facebook page. “With Zero Month drawing to a close we’re wondering: How do you want to learn more about the history of the characters in DC Comics-The New 52?”

The problem was, as well as the expected choices, they left the poll open. So people could add their own choices.

Some of the most popular answers included:

  • Bring Back the old DCU
  • Crisis on Earth-New52: How the experiment ends and we return to the “real” DCU
  • Bring back some characters, such as Wally West, Cassie Cain and Stephanie Brown.
  • Fire Scott Lobdell
  • Give Booster Gold his own new 52 title and let him fixt the DCnU mess
  • Just end the New52 for God’s Sake!
  • Stop with all the 90′s-esque books
  • Get rid of Dan Didio!
  • Bring back Rucka and Waid; Lose Johns and Glass
  • Make Karen Berger DC’s EiC.
  • Quit flailing, dammit!
  • Go back to the old DCU and we all promise to pretend this mess never happened
  • Put all the DCnU shenanigans on a different numbered Earth
  • Burn a Didio Effigy
  • Hire artists who can properly draw women. Fire anyone ignorant of basic anatomy.
  • Again to make the Superman married to Lois Lane.
  • Wally West NOW!
  • Make batmite kill all new 52 charaters

When the people who like comics enough to join your actual Facebook fan page all hate your comics that much, you should maybe consider that you’ve made some serious errors with your career choices.

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