Didja Hear Robin’s Dead?


Batman Inc. #8

Yeah, it’s the worst-kept spoiler ever.

So it’s the big final battle against Leviathan, and the heroes are on the ropes. Batman’s trapped in a safe at the bottom of a swimming pool. Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon are being mobbed by brainwashed children. Red Robin is about to get ambushed. And Damian needs to save the day, against insurmountable odds. But when Damian’s clone — force-grown to adulthood and gifted with enhanced strength — shows up to the fight, things aren’t going to go well.

Verdict: For the most part, a thumbs up. Lots of action — pretty good action, too. Loved the interplay with Damian and Dick Grayson. They really were the best team, weren’t they?

However, I do thumbs it down for killing Damian, even if it’s just a temporary death. He’s an absolutely grand character, and completely unique within the Bat-family. In particular, I’m disappointed that Damian didn’t get more of a swan song — oh, sure, he was basically the star of all of the last few issues, but most of that was devoted to general ass-whuppery, and I think a character this great at least deserved a decent farewell scene with his dad. But I guess this way, we get an even more angsty unpleasant Batman back, which will be just like it was before. Is that what we really want?

Not even sure it matters. Like they’ll leave Damian dead for long? Heck, no. He’s too great a character, and DC can’t resist bringing characters back, except for the ones they hate, I guess (Wally, Cassandra, Stephanie, Donna, Lian, the Justice Society, etc.).


Uncanny Avengers #4

Pretty much a lot more hitting and punching. Thor has been mind-controlled by the Red Skull, who’s stolen Charles Xavier’s brain, and the Scarlet Witch has to take him out of the fight. The Skull works hard trying to mind-control Captain America, too. And everything eventually ends up okay, or basically kinda-sorta okay.

Verdict: Thumbs mostly down. The action was fine. The art was really nice. And it was all just basically people hitting each other a lot. And since reading this, I can’t stop seeing this as a bunch of honkeys fighting a bunch of Nazis. The next few issues of this better be really good, or I’ll have to dump it.

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  1. Buryak Said,

    March 1, 2013 @ 3:38 pm

    Damian and Dick were the best Dynamic Duo… period. The backstory as to why they got together. Their development as a duo. Everything. I loved their dynamic (just realized the pun… boo to me) together and singularly. The uncertainty of Dick after Bruce’s death. Damian’s unaccpetance to Dick as Batman. Loved it. I honestly wished they kept Bruce Wayne dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman, but the death and the replacements of him was just great writing in my books. It was a great progression of the Batman Universe. I lost interest after Bruce came back, because it seemed like such a step back. But I should have known that nobody actually will ever die forever in comics. I wish they would have in this case.

    That comic with all the female characters would be awesome. I especially love that version of Renee. She looks like a Salvador Dali character stepped out of the painting. I’d read that just for that Question alone.

  2. scottslemmons Said,

    March 1, 2013 @ 3:49 pm

    I’d be happy if they’d just take what they do with the Green Lanterns and apply it to more characters. Is there room for Hal, Guy, John, and Kyle as Green Lanterns? Then there should be room for Wally, Jay, and Barry as Flashes, Bruce and Dick as Batmen, Tim and Damian as Robins, and Barbara, Cassandra, and Stephanie as Batgirls.