Friday Night Fights: Evil Laughter!

It’s time for another Friday Night Fights prize fight — and this time, SpaceBooger’s theme is “Red Devil.” Well, honestly, all these themes are always trouble for me, because I never come up with any good ideas to match ’em. SpaceBooger suggested a few ideas, but they wouldn’t work for me — I don’t seem to have any Daredevil comics with really excellent fights, I try to save Hellboy battles for Halloween, Kid Devil’s no good, ’cause I’ve tossed my Teen Titans comics, and I don’t have any comics at all with Trigon or Mephisto. I only know one other red devil in comics…

So tonight’s battle comes to us from August 1968’s Hot Stuff, The Little Devil #85 by Howard Post. Hot Stuff has been dosed with a potion that makes him laugh at everything, which is going to cause him some trouble in his saccharine little corner of Hell…



That’ll do it for me — run over to Spacebooger’s joint and vote for your favorite fight.

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