Friday Night Fights: Gooperangs Forever!

Whoa nelly, people, it’s been another rough workweek, ain’t it? But it’s Friday at last, and that means we gotta get us some weekend while we can — ’cause Monday’s coming, and it’s gonna stomp us into the mudhole if we don’t get some maxxin’ and relaxxin’ right now. So let’s get things started with some cartoon butt-whuppin’ and… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us from June 2011’s Batgirl #20 by Bryan Q. Miller, Ramon F. Bachs, and Guy Major, as my very favorite Batgirl ever, Stephanie Brown, fights off a superspeedster called Slipstream with a little high technology and a lot of humor.



I really miss Steph, and I hope DC doesn’t end up screwing us all over with her appearance in the upcoming “Convergence” series.

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