Squirrels in Space!


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3

Squirrel Girl needs to get to the moon to stop Galactus. She has Iron Man’s armor — but that just makes Whiplash show up, and then there’s a big ol’ fight that wastes some more time. Plus there’s a bank robbery, and Doreen’s roommate Nancy has been taken hostage! Doreen takes out the bank robbers, too — using powered armor that is actually made of squirrels which is pretty much the weirdest and most awesome thing on this or any other planet. But can Squirrel Girl still make it to the moon in time? And how can a girl with squirrel powers, along with one backup squirrel, defeat the Devourer of Worlds?

Verdict: Thumbs up. Again, the squirrel armor is just gloriously audacious. And Nancy’s denunciation of “sucky Larrys” is probably the best single line in any comic this week. And for a comedy book, the beginning of Doreen’s confrontation with Galactus is appropriately epic.


Lumberjanes #12

Trapped in a dinosaur-filled lost world with the cranky shapeshifting Bear Woman, Molly and Mal make their plans to escape — by retrieving the Bear Woman’s lost glasses! And back in the somewhat more normal world, April, Jo, and Ripley are still gunning for merit badges, finally settling on the scrapbooking badge. But they’ll have to decide whether they want to win the scrapbook competition or just make a scrapbook they can all be proud of.

Verdict: Thumbs up. I love the fact that we’ve got one storyline that’s a genuine crisis — Molly and Mal are stuck where they have to worry about dinosaur attacks and may never get home — and one that’s an absolute non-crisis — April, Jo, and Ripley want merit badges! — and they’re both treated as equally earth-shattering, and that makes both of them even funnier.

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