Gwen Worlds Collide


Spider-Gwen #3

While Gwen’s dad is trying to talk her out of being Spider-Woman, the Vulture makes a surprise attack. He thinks Captain Stacy can tell him where Spider-Woman is — and lo and behold, she quickly shows up, and the only thing that makes it a close fight is that Toomes hit her with a ton of tear gas. Even then, she eventually trashes him — but then she has to face Captain Frank Castle, armed with a gas mask, a skull t-shirt, and some high-powered weaponry.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Nice art, nice storytelling. Quite a lot of well-done action, too. Next issue should be interesting — we’ll get to meet the late Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben and Aunt May…


Lady Killer #4

Josie has been targeted for assassination by her own organization. She manages to get away from her handler — and then she manages to shadow him back to meet with another of his operatives. They have the obligatory fight, then come to an agreement — they both want out of the assassin biz, but to do so, they’re going to need assistance from another unusual hitman.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Wonderful action, great characters (I love Josie’s daughters, who always talk a mile a minute), and some great ’60s period detail. Just one issue left of this one…

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