A-Force to Contend With


A-Force #1

You’ll get more out of this issue if you followed the A-Force comic during the recent Secret Wars crossover — which I mostly didn’t. But Singularity, a humanoid quantum singularity, appears in the Marvel Universe and starts encountering characters she knew from the first miniseries, only to learn that they no longer remember who she is. Soon, she’s pursued by a humanoid wad of antimatter. Captain Marvel fights the antimatter being but is apparently knocked out. Singularity also enlists She-Hulk’s aid — but Queen Medusa may not be so eager to assist.

Verdict: Thumbs up. It seems fine, though nothing particularly amazing so far. We don’t get to meet Nico Minoru or Dazzler yet, even though they’re on the cover.


Spider-Gwen #4

Gwen knows that Harry Osborne, in his new identity as the Green Goblin, is coming after her, determined to kill Spider-Woman for the death of Peter Parker, but not realizing that she’s actually his old friend Gwen Stacy. She battles Harry mostly to a standstill — but knows she’s making the same mistakes she made with Peter — fighting to humiliate her opponent and not to defuse a conflict she doesn’t actually want. Can she get the fight back under her control before she — or another friend — is dead?

Verdict: Thumbs up. It’s a great knock-down-drag-out battle — and it brings up an interesting point about Gwen’s (and Spider-Man’s) tendency to wisecrack in comics — it’s fun for us to read, but it just makes his opponents that much angrier…


The Vision #3

Well, the Vision family continue to do weirdly creepy things. Virginia scares off some vandalizing kids by beating them up through her own garage door. Vision channels a vast amount of electrical power to heal his daughter Viv. And Virginia seduces her husband, leading us to consider what the heck sex is like for a couple of robots. And enfolded around all this, we get Agatha Harkness, alive, dead, or both, feeding a pet cat a mystical flower, stabbing it in the neck, and then fighting it off when it turns into a large black panther. And then she cuts it open and eats its stomach so she can foresee the future of the Visions…

Verdict: Thumbs up. Super-creepy. Yeah, the Visions were fairly weird, but it ain’t nothing like watching an old woman eat a panther’s innards raw and then babbling predictions of the future…

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