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Save the Earth

Okay, I’ll grant you it’s really difficult to think of any crisis at all other than the COVID-19 crisis right now — but I noticed that today is Earth Day. And the current state of the planet is really not great.

Oceans are heating up, air and water quality are getting worse, weather is getting more chaotic as climate change runs wild, and our current kleptocracy is rolling back every common sense regulation preventing megacorps from burying us in toxic waste.

And there ain’t no simple solutions, especially when the country’s being run by a nihilist death cult that wants most of the earth dead for the sake of profit and a few braying giggles.

And now, in a vain attempt to lighten the mood: a small collection of Earth- and environment-themed comics covers:

So enjoy your Earth Day. Make the simple changes you can now — but don’t forget that politicians and corporate polluters are the people truly responsible for all this.

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