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Friday Night Fights: Jungle Boogie!

As work-weeks go, this one has been yet another gigantic vat of boiling-hot llama poops. But it’s Friday at last, and we all get to enjoy a couple mostly-blissful days of not having to go to work and endure workplace stress. And the best way to blow off steam before the weekend? We all know it’s… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us from November 1983’s Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #20 by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joey Cavalieri, Rick Hoberg, and Carol Lay. It’s the final issue of the legendary funny-animal series, and Earth-C gets a couple of visitors from Earth-1. Gorilla Grodd shows up intending to enslave everyone and take over the world, and the Changeling gets dragged along in his wake and attempts to help the Zoo Crew take down the evil mind-controlling monkey. So Changeling decides to blend in with some of Grodd’s cartoon henchmen…








There we go, kids. Monkeys, green elephants, funny animals, and more puns than you can shake your trunk at. Now head out there and grab yourself some rest and relaxation this weekend.

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One Nation under GRODD!

Hairless bipeds! You will submit to your simian superior! You will submit to GRODD!


The puny, primitive humans will bow before Earth’s ultimate master! All hail Gorilla Grodd!


There is no state! There is no religion! There is no society! There is only Grodd!


Humanity is an evolutionary dead end! Only Grodd reigns supreme!


The master of Gorilla City is destined to become the master of the world! All hail GRODD!


Duuuude, you tried these bananas? Awwwwwesome.


Humanity will kneel! Kneel before Grodd!

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