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Friday Night Fights: Sex, Ducks and Violence!

Wow, what a week. It ain’t even over yet, as I got work to do tomorrow afternoon. Actual work, not “sitting at home playing videogames” work. Truly, no one has ever suffered as horribly as I have. But I know a great way to soothe my deeply wounded soul — Friday Night Fights!

From 1997’s Lobo the Duck #1 by Al Grant and Val Semeiks: When Bevarlene catches her, um, well, boyfriend Lobo the Duck foolin’ around, she does what any mild-mannered um, well, girlfriend would do in that situation: she beats him with a metal pipe.


Wauugh, indeed.

The moral: Guys, don’t fool around with trashy green-skinned chicks. Gals, keep a metal pipe around to use on your idiot um, well, boyfriend.

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