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Sketchclub Announcement

A quick note from Will Terrell of the Lubbock Sketchclub:

Hey Everyone,

We now have a studio at Asbury Methodist/Hope Shalom community center, 20th and Ave. T in Lubbock. Beginning this week, our figure drawing group will be meeting there every Thursday night from 7-10 pm. And in the next few weeks we’ll also begin with our after-school program and eventually the painting group.

Please come check it out, I am hosting an open house tonight from 8 – 9 .pm. Park in the back parking lot and take the fire escape/staircase to the top floor, the door will be open. Our room is the last three doors on the right. We’ve also been given the opportunity to use the art gallery across the hall from the studios to host First Friday of the Month Art trail shows. If you are interested in any of these opportunities please let me know.

Call me if you need more information or directions. 239-0196. Thank you, I look forward to seeing you tonight.

So there ya go — short notice, but for those of you who are into art — and not just comic art anymore, especially with the possibility of a painting group forming — this is something y’all will want to hear about quickly…

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News for Sketchers


Bringing your artwork to life

Here’s the latest from the Lubbock Sketch Club:

The figure drawing group has been fairly successful so far. We have a lot of people wanting to participate in the figure drawing group – and in fact wanting to expand on it, and I want to make this happen. I am pretty good at getting things started, but it’s challenging for me to maintain them. Especially as I get more and more busy. So I would like your help in better serving you guys with this figure drawing group. We’ve got a good start but I think it could be much better. So how can we make this more efficient, reliable, and enjoy the process?

The one thing I know for sure is a good place to start is to print out an address list for everyone, listing figure drawing group member phone numbers and emails as well as host addresses. So if you would like to be a member of the figure drawing group, please send me your email address (not myspace) to, as well as your phone number and home address (if you are available to host occasionally). Label the email subject: Figure Drawing group. This will be our regular mailing list. This means there will be no more update bulletins about this on myspace.

Some other suggestions that we are working on are a plein air group and a painting group. These thing will happen eventually. It just takes a while to get stuff going. We are a few weeks from having a studio space that will help in making this happen.

Another suggestion has been to actually go through a curriculum of sorts, as a group. I’ve bought a model skull that we drew from this week. And that went well. I’ve also ordered an Asaro head that we can start working from. We can do these things in conjunction with studies from Andrew Loomis and George Bridgeman. This is as close to an Atelier experience as we can get in Lubbock for now, as far as I know. Learning as a group. If you would like to be in on this from the beginning, this is a good time to start.

Please write me back with feedback if you have any. Send suggestions on what you would like to happen, and how you think this could be improved, or just a different perspective these ideas. I appreciate your time. And I thank you all for participating and contributing so much, this would be nothing without you.

Remember, you can see the Sketch Club’s MySpace page right here, or e-mail them here. They meet on the first and third Saturday of every month over at the Freebird’s restaurant on the South Loop. If you like art, drawing, painting, you name it, go check ’em out.

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Attention, Aspiring Animators!

Will Terrell of the Lubbock Sketch Club drops us a line to clue everyone in on a big event they’ve got coming up this weekend.

Attention Lubbock Sketchclub!

Next Saturday (July 14th) We will be hosting a special guest. Lance Myers will be joining us. Lance is a professional animator, he was the lead animator on “A Scanner Darkly” and was also an animator on the movies “Space Jam” and “Quest for Camelot.” If you’re interested in knowing more about this guy, visit his website. He’s offered to give us a demonstration, as well as talk about what it’s like to work in the industry, what it takes to get started, and most importantly what it’s like to leave Lubbock. We’ll also be sketching and having fun as normal. Make sure to help us give him a warm welcome and give him plenty of reasons to come back (and maybe bring friends!). In the months to come we have some HUGE projects brewing. Very exciting stuff. Both with the sketchclub and our comics group. So stay tuned. Thanks!

Everyone mark your calendars! The Sketch Club meets every first and third Saturday of the month at 7 p.m., over at the Freebird’s restaurant out on the South Loop. If you’ve got any interest in animation, this is the type of event you don’t want to miss.

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