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Who Wants Some Burritos?!

So Batman, what do you like to eat after a long night of fighting crime?

Sounds good to me! Here, have a napkin.

This Saturday, April 10th, is going to be Lubbock Sketch Club Appreciation Day at Freebirds, at 4930 South Loop 289, Suite 250. That’s during the regular Sketch Night from 7-10 p.m.. If you’re in the Sketch Club, drop by, make some art, and chips and dip will be on the house. And if you’re not a Sketch Club member — sounds like it’d be a good time to go meet some artists, don’t it?

And speaking of meeting artists, that sounds like a nice cue to mention the Lubbock Comic Book Expo again. Remember, it’s scheduled for the weekend after next — April 17-18, during the Lubbock Arts Festival, at the Lubbock Municipal Civic Center at 1501 Mac Davis Lane. It’ll run from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Admission to the Expo is completely free! And admission to the Arts Festival is just two bucks. Dude, bring an extra two bucks and go check out the rest of the art, too, a’ight?

Don’t miss out, or there will be hurtin’.

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More Guests for the West Texas Comic Con!


Like I said last week, the West Texas Comic Con is coming up on November 7th at the Science Spectrum, but did you know they’re already adding new guests? In addition to Matt Sturges, Will Terrell, and Dirk Strangely, we can now add…

* Josh Howard: writer and artist on “Dead@17,” “Black Harvest,” and “The Lost Books of Eve.” Had you heard that “Dead@17” has been optioned for a movie? You have now…

* Chris Nicholas: sometimes known as Uncle Staple, he’s the driving force behind “Staple!: The Independent Media Expo,” Austin’s annual comics/art/animation/self-publishing convention.

* The Abilene 501st: the Abilene branch of a worldwide “Star Wars” costuming organization operated entirely by fans. Will they be competing in the costume contest? Just in case, you better bring your A-game, Lubbockites.

* The Lubbock Sketch Club: Lubbock’s best and brightest all-access art club is, of course, going to be a very important part of any comic convention in the Hub City.

That’s way, way more special guests than I was ever expecting, so mad kudos to everyone hammering out the details and making the contacts for this. This is looking like it’ll be the best comic convention Lubbock’s seen yet, so y’all better get your calendars marked for the West Texas Comic Con — Saturday, November 7th, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Science Spectrum!

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Get Ready for the West Texas Comic Con!


Another Lubbock comic convention? Heck, yeah!

The West Texas Comic Con is happening on Saturday, November 7th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the main exhibit hall in the Lubbock Science Spectrum at 2579 S. Loop 289, Ste 250. There will be panels and presentations, vendors, artists, comics, costumed folks, and more fun than you can shake a stick at without getting investigated by the Lubbock PD.

Admission fees are cheaper’n dirt, too. Adults pay $4. Kids 12 and under pay $2. Toddlers get in free. And people who come in costume get in free! So keep your Halloween costume for an extra week so you can use it to get into the Comic Con, alright?

“Aww, come on, man! A Saturday in November?! I gotta go tailgating!” No, actually, November 7 is a bye week for Tech! Ain’t no football — so come on down!

Numerous presentations are planned, including a writers workshop, at least one humorous fan panel on “How to Read Comics,” a game show, and of course, the ever-popular costume contest, starting around 1 p.m.

And listen up — this year, there are going to be special guests.

The featured guest: Matt Sturges, writer of “Jack of Fables” and “Justice Society of America.” He’s also worked on “Blue Beetle,” “House of Mystery,” “Shadowpact,” and “Final Crisis Aftermath: Run!” Matt lives in Austin, believe it or not! He’ll be participating in the writers panel and a Q&A session.

Will Terrell will be there, of course. He’s the Lubbock artist who’s worked on “Disney’s Gargoyles” and “The Goblin Chronicles,” as well as helping found the Lubbock Sketch Club. And he designed the convention logo at the top of this post! He’ll be helping out on the writers panel and probably almost everything else. His current big project is the webcomic “Super Zeroes.”

And a guy named Dirk Strangely will be there, too. Dirk does extremely creepy (and often, very funny) illustrations and has written a couple of nicely morbid children’s books. I spent a lot of last night clicking through his gallery on his site, and I’m entirely loving his stuff. I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

So go ahead and make your plans for the West Texas Comic Con — Nov. 7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Science Spectrum! Be there or I’ll whup ya with sticks!

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Sketching out your Week


It’s been a while since I plugged any of the Lubbock Sketch Club’s weekly activities, so let’s get that out of the way right now…

Every Saturday evening is Sketch Night. Basically, a bunch of folks show up Saturdays from 7-10 p.m. at the Freebird’s restaurant at 4930 S. Loop 289 with paper and pencils. They draw stuff, critique each other, visit, drink sodas, and generally hang out and enjoy exercising their artistic muscles. Anyone is welcome — just come out, shake some hands, make some sketches, and get to know the folks in the club.

The other regular weekly event is the Figure Drawing Group, which meets every Wednesday from 6:30-9 p.m. at the Lubbock Municipal Garden and Arts Center at 44th Street and University. Ya can’t be an artist without learning how to draw the human body, and that’s what the Figure Drawing Group is there for. Giggly dorks should stay home — there are live models, some weeks clothed, some unclothed, and this is for serious artists who are working to improve their artistic skills. E-mail Robert Garza for more info.

The Lubbock Sketch Club is always looking for new members — get in touch with them today, make some new friends, and learn how to become a better artist.

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Hope I’m Not Too Late…


I completely forgot that the Lubbock Sketch Club was going to get featured in yesterday’s GO! section of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, and by the time I remembered, I was a few miles away from a working computer. So here’s some belated linkage — if you haven’t read the article yet, go read it now.

And dig the cover up there — it was drawn by Sketch Club head honcho Will Terrell. Excellent cartooning and caricature work there — I wonder how many of those folks sprang completely from Will’s imagination and how many are caricatures of real people…?

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Sketchy News

It’s been way, way too long since we did any catching up on what the Lubbock Sketch Club is up to, so let’s take just a moment to review some of their upcoming events.

First up is this Friday’s “First Friday Art Trail.” Artists from the Sketch Club will be holding a “Freedom of Expression” Art Show from 6-9 p.m. at the Stray Dog Gallery, at 1917 Buddy Holly Avenue. It’s a great place to get acquainted with some of the artistic talent hiding out here in the Hub City.

The Sketch Club’s figure drawing group will be starting up again and meeting from 6:30-9 p.m. on Wednesday, January 7, at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center, at 4215 University. The cost is seven bucks per artist, and the session will consist of everything from short warm-up poses, five-minute poses, and longer poses. They’ll be running this weekly, some weeks with clothed and costumed models, sometimes with, ahem, not-clothed models. OH TEH SCANDALZ! E-mail Robert Garza for more info on the figure drawing group. (What do ya bet that Rob Liefeld never took a figure drawing class in his life? He sure don’t know what the human body looks like…)

And of course, Sketch Nights happen every Saturday from 7-10 p.m. at Freebird’s at 4930 S. Loop 289. Basically, a bunch of folks show up at the restaurant, draw ’til they’re exhausted, recharge by snarfing burritos and cokes, and then draw ’til they’re exhausted again. Bring some sketchbooks, pencils, and some scratch so you can get some nosh, if you want it.

And Sketch Club head honcho Will Terrell plans on making a trip to Abilene in late January to sign some comics, with plans on getting in touch with the Abilene Sketch Club. I suspect that first, they’ll fight each other, then realize that they’re on the same side, then they’ll team up and fight Dr. Doom. Oh, those predictable crossovers…

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Lubbock Sketch Club in the spotlight!


Hey, if you haven’t seen it yet, y’all need to check out the article in today’s Lubbock Avalanche-Journal about the Lubbock Sketch Club!

Let’s take a quick look at an excerpt:

A flyer for the Lubbock SketchClub’s weekly Saturday meeting features a big smiling character who says, “I can’t even draw stick figures!”

The quote places a sarcastic spin on the belief of the club’s founder, Will Terrell, that everyone has artistic potential.

“We have seen people (go from) drawing stick figures to life-like characters in six months,” said Terrell, a professional comic book artist whose resume includes being the colorist for Disney’s “Gargoyles” and “The Goblin Chronicles” comic book.

Terrell, 31, started the club in October 2006 to create a community for cartoonists and comic book artists in the Lubbock area. Meetings are free and open to all ages and skill levels.

The club’s success has been built on diversity in membership and participants’ willingness to share work and give feedback to each other, Terrell said.

As they say in the funny pages, read the whole thing.

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Goblin and Sketchin’


The Goblin Chronicles #3

The final issue of this miniseries is out, with colors again ably provided by Will Terrell, Chief Hierophant of the Lubbock Sketch Club. Gorim the goblin, Zara the troll, Sprig the shapeshifter, and Gween the elf finally encounter the oracle and ask him how to defeat the Dark Queen, but his answer is pretty nonspecific. The group is ambushed by a trio of swamp monsters and forced to surrender to the Dark Queen, but the Four Realms have put aside their differences and are marching to battle against the Queen’s forces. The Queen casts a spell to start all the various races fighting each other, but the quartet of young adventurers manages to escape from the dungeon and free some of the leaders of the Four Realms. The leaders persuade their followers to turn their attentions back on the Dark Queen. Desperate for some way to stop the heroes, the Queen begins to summon the Host, a horde of demonic imps who can destroy everyone who opposes the Queen. Can Gorim, Zara, Sprig, and Gween stop the Dark Queen before it’s too late?

Verdict: Thumbs up. A charming and fun end to the series, with promises of more possibly on the horizon.

And speaking of the Lubbock Sketch Club, the First Friday Art Trail hits this Friday, August 1, and the Sketch Club’s artists are going to be featured at an art show at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center at 44th and University. Remember, the Art Trail runs from 6-9 p.m. on Friday, and many of the artists from the Sketch Club will be displaying their works, including comics, prints, and sketches, at tables at the Garden and Arts Center. And their works will be on display throughout the month of August, too — some of them will even be for sale. So if you’re not able to make it out for the Art Trail on Friday, you’ll still have a chance to stop by and see their artwork.

And as long as we’re talking about Sketch Club events, don’t forget the Lubbock Comic Book Workshop on August 9th! It’s going to be a great resource for any aspiring comic artists who want to learn how to improve their artwork!

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Big changes in store for Lubbock Comic Workshop!


Remember me telling you just a week ago about the Lubbock Comic Book Workshop, coming up on August 9th? Well, there have already been big changes made in the event, so listen up.

The workshop is still set for August 9th — still not 100% positive on the times, but 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. looks most likely. The workshop will still take place at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center, at 4215 University Avenue.

This is now an all-day event designed to provide classes and training for comic book professionals and for people who want to become comic book professionals. The cost is $25 per person — lunch and materials will be provided.

A creator and vendor area was originally planned as part of the event, it is no longer part of the workshop. However, a new creator/vendor fair — basically a mini-con — may be in the works.

Four classes will be taught at the workshop — digital coloring and lettering; inking; laying out a comic book page; and creating an illustration from concept to finish. The classes are two hours each, with breaks in between.

Pre-registration is required — please send e-mail to Sarazann Greenwood for more information.

Again, the workshop is now just about classes, and it costs $25 for all four classes. No creators this time, no vendors this time. But if you’re an aspiring comic creator, it’s still gonna be worth your time. Go check their website.

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Lubbock Comic Book Workshop


I’m way, way late in making the proper announcements about this, but the Lubbock Sketch Club is working on a new event called the Lubbock Comic Book Workshop. It’s set for August 9th, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center. It’s not what you could really call a comic book convention, though there will be vendors and creators on hand. Like I said, it’s a comic book workshop with a lot more emphasis on classes and training for comic book professionals and for people who want to become comic book professionals.

Sketch Club head honcho Will Terrell will be giving a couple of classes from 8-9:45 a.m. and from 10-11:45 a.m. — the cost to attend is $25. The vendor and creator show kicks off from noon to 6 p.m., with a cost of $5. Smaller classes by Ginny Pape, Rachael Simmons, Jennifer Adkins, Sarazann Greenwood, and others will be held throughout the afternoon, and you can attend any of them as long as you’ve purchased the $5 ticket to get in.

I feel it’s important enough to repeat this and put it in bold: Will Terrell’s classes are 8-9:45 a.m. and from 10-11:45 a.m. and cost $25. The vendor and creator show is noon to 6 p.m. and costs $5. It’s not a single continuous event. If you pay the $25 for Will’s classes, you’ll need to pay $5 for the vendor show afterwards.

What else is there to tell? There is other entertainment planned. There will be at least one face painter on hand to entertain kids and/or adults who like to get their faces painted. Jennifer Adkins will be playing piano in the rest area; I assume someone will be doing sleazy lounge singer antics, too. Refreshments will be available for purchase during the vendor show. And everything’s going on at the Garden and Arts Center, so you’ll have some pretty scenery going on, too.

Wanna get in on the action as a vendor or creator? You can get a space to display your stuff for $25 for a half table — tables are 8 feet long, so that’s a good amount of space for a single creator. Of course, if you’re a creator with a lot of stuff to show off, or if you’re a vendor, you’ll probably want to spring for at least a full-length table.

Mark your calendars for August 9th right now!

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