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Friday Night Fights: Pot Wars!

Well, I’ve heard how you’ve been spending your weekends, and I’m very disappointed. You could at least try to live it up, instead of spending all your time eating cold biscuits, raking the yard, organizing your underwear drawer in order of colors of skidmarks, and taking glamour shots of your refrigerator. Please try to spend your weekend the right way — with debauchery and sleeping late and running about making the neighbors think you’re crazy… and you can get it all started with a little FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Today’s battle comes from April 1998’s Quantum and Woody #11 by Christopher Priest, M.D. Bright, Greg Adams, and Keith Williams, as we enjoy a flashback of Eric Henderson taking care of a bunch of racist douchebags.

Y’all have a hellaciously awesome weekend, and I’ll see y’all back here on Monday.

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