Lubbock Artists Lead the Way


You can’t fight Art!

For you Lubbockites who are into creating your own artwork, comic and otherwise, this is an outstanding time to check out the Lubbock Sketchclub. Here’s the news from Sketchclub Big Cheese Will Terrell:

The Lubbock Sketchclub is now set up in a studio at the Hope Asbury Methodist Church/Hope Shalom Community Center. Its a great space with lots of potential. This is the beginning of big things for the art community here. There are not many venues to learn the figurative arts in Lubbock, especially in as inspiring a setting as we have the makings of right now. Our group’s foundation is the Thursday night figure drawing group. But in time, as we get all of the equipment built and creative routine ingrained, we will begin to introduce lots more, expanding to multiple nights of figure drawing, portrait drawing, and painting groups. We also have interest from master illustrators to work with our group as we grow as well. And many many more exciting things.

“Repetition is the mother of skill.”

Many of you have seen how frustrating it can be to start drawing from life, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve tried it or have never tried it, or have never worked in this kind of environment. But if you’ve been two or three weeks in a row, you notice how dramatically and incredibly your skills improve. This repetition is crucial to growth. Being around other artists in the same process is equally important. This studio allows us to consistently provide this creative synergy, and I am certain this will only be the beginning. Please join us in these early days, I promise you will not regret it.

The Sketchclub figure drawing group meets Thursdays 7-10 p.m. at our studio in Hope Asbury Methodist Church (21st and Ave T). Come join us this Thursday for our first session. Park in the back parking lot and take the fire escape/staircase to the third floor. The door will be open from 7-8 p.m. After 8, you will need to call me to be let in. 239-0196.

The fee is $5 per session, or $16 for 4 weeks. If you are able to pay the monthly fee that will help us out a lot. Also if anyone is interested in making donations, we need money and supplies for painting the studio, building additional drawing horses and building the model stage. Other items we are looking for are fancy chairs/small couches, interesting props/costumes, fabrics, and of course additional models.

It’s exciting to think that we’re watching the beginnings of a thriving artistic community spring up right in front of us.

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