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Lone Star #1

Hey, instead of mini-reviews of comics, let’s have a review of a mini-comic.

“Lone Star” is produced here in Lubbock. It’s written by Linda Shuferty, drawn by Charlie Tucker, and lettered by Mike Panzer. It’s less than 20 pages long, and it measures about 4″x7″. Pretty standard for a mini-comic.

Most minis you see out there are going to be personal and autobiographical. Not this time — it’s about a guy named Lone Star, part superhero, part time-traveller, who fights against a fella who keeps sending jet fighters back to the Civil War to help the South defeat the North. There’s not a whole lot of story beyond that, mainly because there’s not really enough room in less than 20 pages to flesh that out. I assume future issues will detail more of the plot, characterization, etc. — this is really more of an introduction to the comic and its concepts.

The art looks pretty good, if a bit quirky at times. Lots of really beautiful detail work here, and some of the backgrounds and long-shots are really striking — stuff like the sky filled with jet fighters, a view of a distant battleground as viewed from the cockpit of a plane, the shot of Pickett’s Charge.

Yeah, there are some things I could criticize and nitpick over. But I prefer not to talk smack about most comics creators unless they’re pros. You don’t talk smack about people who are making comics for no reward other than the joy of making comics.

Verdict: Thumbs up. It’s just a buck, so go pick it up.

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