The New Captain America

Taking a quick break from football matters to take care of some actual stuff about comics.

Maybe you’ve heard the news — Marvel is introducing a new Captain America!


According to this article at Comic Book Resources, the character was designed by superstar comics painter (and former Lubbockite) Alex Ross (the illustration above is by Steve Epting — I think it shows off the costume better than the Ross paintings, so far), and it’s definitely not Steve Rogers, the original Captain America who was assassinated earlier this year. Marvel is hinting that it’s a previously existing character.

Some people are freaking out about this version of Cap carrying a gun and knife. I have a hard time caring, actually. I never really got the “Captain America doesn’t carry weapons and never kills” bulldada — the dude’s a soldier and he doesn’t shoot people? I call shenanigans.

Of course, (A) Marvel has a long history of leaking fake images just to make the fanboys flip out, and (B) it’s pretty obvious that this new guy is going to be temporary, too, because everyone knows they’ll bring Steve Rogers back in time for the Captain America movie planned for 2009.

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