Comic Book Expo coming to Lubbock!

If you ain’t heard the news, mark your calendars for May 3rd.


The official site is here.

Looks like most activities will be taking place at Lubbock’s Science Spectrum, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, May 3. That’s the same day as Free Comic Book Day, and the day after the “Iron Man” movie hits theaters.

Admission fees are just $3 per person, or two people for five bucks. Kids under 12 are free, but you gotta come with an adult. And if you come in costume, admission is free, too.

Don’t come expecting a huge mega-con. The Expo’s being kept fairly small on purpose — most of us have never run a convention before, so it’s best to keep it small and friendly. Besides, there’s going to be as much emphasis on education and community-building as there will be on geekery.

Will there be special guests? Maybe. That’s still being determined.

More news to come, I’m sure. But for now, mark your calendars: Saturday, May 3, at the Science Spectrum.

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