Ya ever heard of a 24-hour comic? Basically just what it sounds like — a full-length comic book created, from the first line of the script to last ink on the cover, in just 24 hours.

And Lubbock is about to host its first-ever 24-hour comic event.

Let’s turn it over to the organizer, Brandon Adkins, for all the details.

24 Hours In Lubbock: Lubbock’s first official 24-hour comic event!

Doors open: Begins: Friday, March 28th at 9:30pm (Asbury Center/Hope Shalom off of 19th and Ave T)

Doors close at 10:00pm, sorry no latecomers.

Ends: Saturday, March 29th, at 10:00pm (Freebirds World Burrito on South Loop 289)

What is a 24-hour comic?

The ultimate comicbook creating marathon. A virtual rite of passage for any comics creator.

All you have to do is make something that usually takes 24 days in 24 hours…

Make a comic, 24 pages (+ cover) in 24 hours from start to finish. No preparation, outlines, layouts, character designs, or script.

What you need:

Your well-rested, punctual self.
Whatever paper and art supplies you feel comfortable using to make comics.

Transportation to the event.

Optional, but useful:

Your favorite caffeinated beverage, and snack food (if you’re picky or want to share)
A pillow (If you’re the powernapping type)

A seat cushion (remember you’ll be sitting a lot)

Snacks, drinks and basic art supplies will be available, but if you’d like to bring some to share, that would be keen!

Transportation from the event is available (just let us know beforehand). Please don’t plan to drive back from this event as we don’t want any accidents.

The Lubbock Sketch Club will be hosting this 24-hour comic event to jumpstart our local comics creators in preparation for the Lubbock Comics Expo. You can publish the results of your 24 hour comics, or use the ideas and characters to publish a more “finished” piece.

If you let us know you’re attending, before the big day, we will send you a special, nifty, neato, spiffy keen email (at least Brandon thinks so) in response. If you don’t have email, a slightly less spiffy printout will be provided at the event with your name emblazoned in glorious marker. Either way, you will have our undying gratitude.

For details check out our website at: www.elsketchoclubo.com or send an email to: 24hoursinlubbock@gmail.com.

So there you got it. Comic creators and aspiring artists, be there or be square. It’s not like you were planning on sleeping during the weekend, were ya?!

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