Heart of Glass

Lemme tells ya, this is gonna be a world-class busy week. Work won’t be much busier than normal, from the looks of things, but everything after 5 o’clock is gonna be pretty hectic. I have an actual fer-realz social activity to attend Tuesday night. And I desperately need to get busy on hacking together my 20-minute presentation for the great Lubbock Comic Book Expo (coming up May 3 at the Science Spectrum, don’t forget).

And the whole family’s coming to town this week to get ready for the annual Lubbock Arts Festival. My sister Alice is gonna be displaying and selling some art glass this year. For the most part, she works with fused glass and other kinds of kiln-fired glasswork — a little jewelry, some decorative items, a number of plates. Not exactly plates you wanna run through your dishwasher, but stuff that works great as serving dishes, sushi plates, etc.

Anyway, I wanna promote her stuff a little, so any of you Lubbockites will show up and buy her stuff, so we’re taking a short break from comics so we can look at some of her pretty glassware. I can’t guarantee that all of this stuff will be at the arts festival, but it’s pretty representative of her work.






That last one is actually two different pieces — the dragonfly is a separate paperweight that she photographed with the plate.

Anyway, the Arts Festival kicks off this Friday at the Civic Center, and I expect to spend a lot of this weekend helping out with her booth. Come out and say hi!

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