Glass Houses

Okay, it’s Friday, and the Lubbock Arts Festival officially started last night over at the Lubbock Civic Center, so I’m gonna take another short break from comics blogging to plug my sister’s glass artwork. Here’s another sample of some of the stuff she’ll be showing at the Arts Festival.




I finally got to go out to the Civic Center last night after work to see Alice’s booth, and it looked pretty good. Just about everything I saw out there looked pretty good — they’ve got tons of artists who’ve set up booths, and it really looks like a must-see event for us Lubbockites. What else you gonna be able to do in Lubbock this weekend for just a dollar? Okay, fine, you can turn George Washington’s head into a mushroom. Whatcha gonna do for fun with a dollar?

Anyway, y’all come on out and say hi! It’s gonna be a long weekend, especially for Alice, who’ll be at the Civic Center almost the whole time. She’d love to get to talk to ya and to trade some of her artwork for your hard-earned dolla bills. 🙂

And hey, for you out-of-towners or anyone else who wasn’t able to make it to the arts festival, you can check out more of her stuff at her Etsy store.

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