Friday Night Fights: Sith One’s for You!

Okay, fact is, I love, love, love Evan Dorkin‘s “Milk and Cheese” comics. Not just because of the horrific violence, not just for the gin-swilling, not just because of the crude and unsubtle commentary on everything irritating about pop culture and modern life. No, I love those little guys’ eyebrows. They’re hilarious.

But the eyebrows aren’t important right now! Because it’s Friday Night Fights! And that means the only thing important right now is nicely overblown butt-whompin’!

But dangit, I just used “Milk and Cheese” last week. Is there any way I could disguise this, so Bahlactus doesn’t think I’m repeating myself? Maybe if we disguise them with some sort of mask…?





Wow, that’s awesome. Only thing that’d make that better would be if Darth Milk and Cheese were beating up on Ewoks. Hey, wait a minute…

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