Calling All Kids!


Tiny Titans #4

It’s another fun and funny issue of “Tiny Titans” — Beast Boy goes to the dentist, Kid Flash helps Starfire style her hair, and Robin has a robin infestation problem, which he apparently solves by changing his costume and calling himself Nightwing. Too bad everyone thinks he’s getting ready to go dancing. And Wonder Girl and Bumblebee have to babysit the Little Tiny Titans (Kid Devil, Miss Martian, Jericho, and Wildebeest), but they don’t seem to need much babysitting.

Verdict: Thumbs up. The artwork is adorable, and the jokes are funny. This is the best Titans comic out there right now. Ain’t that something?


Comic Book Diner

This is the last of the books I got for Free Comic Book Day. It’s basically a sampler of a bunch of different all-ages comics, including superheroes like Roboy Red and Buzzboy, a fantasy called “Dreamland Chronicles,” a Western ostrich con-man named Tbyrd Fearlessness, and a monkey called “Banana-Tail.” Oh, and Patrick the Wolf Boy, who’s drawn by the same folks who make “Tiny Titans!”

Verdict: Thumbs up, though I liked some stories more than others. I have trouble getting into fantasy, so “Dreamland Chronicles” didn’t thrill me, and “Banana-Tail” was written for a very young audience, I think. I thought Patrick the Wolf Boy was just plain awesome, and I wish they’d given him more space in the book. Probably the most useful pages are a reading list of all-ages comics. There are over 20 comics listed, and they’re from a wide variety of different companies, with a wide variety of different stories. Parents, if you’re looking for something your kids would enjoy, check out the list in this comic.

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