Big changes in store for Lubbock Comic Workshop!


Remember me telling you just a week ago about the Lubbock Comic Book Workshop, coming up on August 9th? Well, there have already been big changes made in the event, so listen up.

The workshop is still set for August 9th — still not 100% positive on the times, but 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. looks most likely. The workshop will still take place at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center, at 4215 University Avenue.

This is now an all-day event designed to provide classes and training for comic book professionals and for people who want to become comic book professionals. The cost is $25 per person — lunch and materials will be provided.

A creator and vendor area was originally planned as part of the event, it is no longer part of the workshop. However, a new creator/vendor fair — basically a mini-con — may be in the works.

Four classes will be taught at the workshop — digital coloring and lettering; inking; laying out a comic book page; and creating an illustration from concept to finish. The classes are two hours each, with breaks in between.

Pre-registration is required — please send e-mail to Sarazann Greenwood for more information.

Again, the workshop is now just about classes, and it costs $25 for all four classes. No creators this time, no vendors this time. But if you’re an aspiring comic creator, it’s still gonna be worth your time. Go check their website.

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