Who’s that Girl?

Booster Gold #12

Last issue, Booster’s plan was to beat Batman while posing as Killer Moth. Unfortunately, that just made the time glitch even worse, so the new plan is for Booster to pose as Batman and stop Killer Moth — who, remember, is also Booster. Got a headache yet? Booster and his sister Goldstar pay a visit to the Batcave, but they’re attacked by a shotgun-wielding Alfred. They manage to escape with the Batmobile, but they’re not able to get one of Batman’s costumes, so instead, they stop by the home of Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara, where Goldstar steals a Batgirl costume. Booster still needs a disguise, since if his previous self sees himself wearing his regular costume, it’ll cause more time glitches, plus it’ll make readers’ time travel headaches even worse. So instead, Booster disguises himself as Elvis. So Elvis-Booster beats Moth-Booster, the time traveler gets his loot, goes back into the past, endows a children’s hospital, and all is made right with the timestream. I think. Man, it’s hard to say with time travel.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Yes, it’s full of confusing time paradoxes, but dang it, that’s what good time travel stories are all about.

The Goon #28

While the Goon puts the muscle on the lowlifes in town to make sure they’re not working with Labrazio. And Charley Mudd has been driven a bit ’round the bend by the death of his brother. He hallucinates that a tree stump is actually his brother Bill. When he finds out that a low-level gang leader named Joey the Ball (his hand is stuck in a bowling ball) was behind the murder of his brother, Charley pays him a visit and kills him and his hench-zombies with the stump. And the Buzzard has captured the blinded and humilated Zombie Priest after learning his True Name and forcing his loyalty. The story culminates in a grand finale in which the Goon meets up with a lowlife renting out his mule for, um, deviant purposes… so the Goon beats the stuffing out of the poor mule to make sure the guy won’t be able to make any more money off of it. Poor mule.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Mule beatings, stump murders, and Franky kicking a cat with a human face. Solid gold!

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