Love is Gooey


Tiny Titans #19

Most of the story is all right there on the cover — Bumblebee and Plasmus meet on a dreary, rainy day, fall in love, and all the world erupts in a symphoy of sunshine, butterflies, rainbows, tandem bicycles, ice cream, lollipops, and movie outings together. Their affection is so infectious, it even gets Mallah and the Brain running around with cartoon hearts around them (which is really, really funny if you’ve read Garth Morrison’s old “Doom Patrol” comics). Elsewhere, Robin can’t do his homework because girls keep stopping by who are in love with him, and the Titans Apes Club meeting suffers from a severe lack of apes.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Yet another classic from Baltazar and Franco. They could’ve made every last bit of this issue focus solely on Plasmus and Bumblebee (and Mallah and the Brain), and it would have still been awesome.


Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #14

Hawkeye and the Blonde Phantom run into a bank robbery where the robbers are using a hostage Bruce Banner as a threat to get what they want — if everyone doesn’t hand over their cash, they’ll make Banner mad, he’ll turn into the Hulk, and he’ll start smashing up everything. But Hawkeye and B.P. have met Bruce Banner, and that guy isn’t Bruce Banner — he’s part of the gang masquerading as Banner to help the heists go smoothly. Can they track down the gang before they make their big getaway?

Verdict: Thumbs up. Seemed a bit long, but it was a cute concept for a story, and the chemistry between Hawkeye and B.P. is great.

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