Friday Night Fights: Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet!

A’ight, we’re done with Ghost Week, but I still got the Halloween spirit! And even better, it’s Friday night — so that means we’re getting a nice, fat, awesome Halloween Weekend! Ooh, and my calendar says the day after Halloween is gonna be a full moon, too! That means this is gonna be a historically fantastic weekend — and the best way to kick off a historically fantastic weekend is with FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

And there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween and fighting than with that monster-stompin’ tough guy, the Goon! From Eric Powell’s 2003 collection, The Goon: Nothin’ but Misery, here’s the Goon squaring off against a monstrous Bog Lurk:




Y’all better have the good candy when I get to your door! None of that no-name chalky stuff, ya hear!

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