Friday Night Fights: Bizarro Boots!

Well, it’s finally Friday, and a good thing, ’cause I was just about worn entirely out. I don’t know if just two days will be enough for me this weekend, but I’ll do my best to make ’em work. And I’m sure y’all will, too, or else there’s gonna be a whuppin’. And speaking of whuppin’s, it’s time for FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s fight probably isn’t the most brutal I’ve posted, but it’s one that always makes me laugh. From 2001’s Bizarro Comics anthology and the “Bizarro X-Ray Three” double splash page by Gilbert Hernandez and Tom McCraw, as Lex Luthor gives the Spectre the boot.


Y’all don’t forget the West Texas Comic Con tomorrow! It’ll be more fun than kicking the Spirit of God’s Vengeance in the butt with a cartoon extendo-boot!

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