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Friday Night Fights: Krypton Kick!

It’s been a cold, miserable week for almost all of us, so let’s heat things up for the weekend with some gratuitous violence and… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us from October 1979’s Action Comics #500 by Martin Pasko, Curt Swan, Frank Chiaramonte, and Adrienne Roy. Lex Luthor has the Man of Steel right where he wants him — but how will he kill him? Uncontrolled monologuing?






Well, a good kick to the face never goes out of style.

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Friday Night Fights: Bizarro Boots!

Well, it’s finally Friday, and a good thing, ’cause I was just about worn entirely out. I don’t know if just two days will be enough for me this weekend, but I’ll do my best to make ’em work. And I’m sure y’all will, too, or else there’s gonna be a whuppin’. And speaking of whuppin’s, it’s time for FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s fight probably isn’t the most brutal I’ve posted, but it’s one that always makes me laugh. From 2001’s Bizarro Comics anthology and the “Bizarro X-Ray Three” double splash page by Gilbert Hernandez and Tom McCraw, as Lex Luthor gives the Spectre the boot.


Y’all don’t forget the West Texas Comic Con tomorrow! It’ll be more fun than kicking the Spirit of God’s Vengeance in the butt with a cartoon extendo-boot!

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Politics in Comics: Hail to the Chief!

Is this not the weirdest political season you’ve seen in a while? It seems particularly unusual for us Texans — when was the last time that we actually had a say in helping to pick any of the nominees? Usually, the candidates have been narrowed to one-per-party long before the Texas primary hits. But this year, we’re still in play. Seems to make a lot of people much more interested in the presidential race than normal.

We’ve already had ol’ Bubba in town to talk up Hillary’s candidacy. Right now, Obama’s currently disappointing a lot of folks who were hoping he’d come to town, too. So right now, everyone’s thinking about matters political. And hey, I’m a shameless attention hound, so I figured I’d hunt down nice presidential-themed comic covers for your amusement.


Ya ever wondered who various superheroes would vote for? I figure Wonder Woman would be endorsing Hillary, right?


Captain America’s got a military background — I figure he’d pull the lever for McCain.


Green Arrow? While he hasn’t run for president, he did get elected as mayor of Star City not too long ago. I think he’d definitely be a Kucinich supporter, though I’m sure he complained that Kucinich was a bit too conservative for his tastes.


Hey, good ol’ Prez Rickard, the 18-year-old president from the old ’70s DC series. I’m betting Prez would write in whoever was running as the Green candidate. Crazy ’70s hippie weirdo presidents…


Yeah, the Savage Dragon was briefly the president. Who would he support in this election? Definitely the Greens. Get it? Get it? Oh, man, I’m hilarious.


No reason not to let the villains in on the act. In DC’s continuity, Lex Luthor actually got elected president of the U.S. back in 2000. He wasn’t considered too bad a president either, though he eventually got booted out of office after turning supervillain. As for who he’d vote for? I figure Lex would write himself in. Crazy megalomaniac ex-presidents…


I think I’m the only person in the world who liked the “Emperor Joker” storyline that ran in the Superman comics a few years ago. Sure, he’s not exactly presidential, but being an all-powerful emperor counts for something, I guess. I’m not sure the Joker would think any of the candidates were crazy enough for him. Maybe Alan Keyes. That dude’s craaaaaaazy. Maybe Huckabee, if he keeps talking up that garbage about making America a theocracy…


Whoa, looks like Superman’s endorsing Obama.

So who are your picks for the nation’s top job?

UPDATE: Can’t believe I forgot Howard the Duck!

I figure Howard would vote for Mallard Fillmore or Andrew Quackson…

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