Friday Night Fights: Dairy Doom!

Okay, it’s Friday, and we’re all tired of working, and good gravy train, do we ever need the weekend bad. Let’s get things rolling with a little comic book ultraviolence and… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

With Free Comic Book Day coming up tomorrow, I was hoping to find something for tonight’s battle with a comic shop theme. I was hoping to find something from Evan Dorkin’s Eltingville Club series, but I wasn’t able to find where that particular comic was hiding, but luckily, I found something even more violent. From 1994’s Milk and Cheese #666 by Evan Dorkin, here’s the Dairy Products Gone Bad vs. pretty much everyone!


Y’all don’t forget to stop by your local comic shop tomorrow and pick up your free comics — and please go ahead and buy a few comics, too. Let’s make it easier for our comic shops to keep operating in the future…

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