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Friday Night Fights: Schnozz Crackin’!

Another dreary week in another dreary month. Keeps going on an on and on like a poison. You want the antidote? Then step up for 500cc’s of FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

These don’t always have to be complicated ballets of violence and pain. Sometimes, all you need is a single panel from February 1998’s New Year’s Evil: Body Doubles #1 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Joe Phillips, and Jasen Rodriguez, as Carmen Leno plays knuckle-hockey with the bridge of Merlyn’s nose.


If that don’t get you ready for the weekend, you got worse problems than I can fix…

UPDATE: How embarrassing! Crisis on Earth-Prime spotlighted the same fight as I did! That’s like showing up at the dance wearing the same dress as someone else! Um, I mean, that’s what I hear! Not that I’d know first-hand or anything…

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