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Please Stay Well

My people, could I please ask you to be sensible and keep maintaining lockdown procedures wherever possible?

I know that’s not going to be a problem for most of you. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans, on both the right and left, support efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including stay-at-home orders, wearing masks in public, and vast increases in testing.

And I also realize that some folks just don’t have a choice but to go to work. Some businesses are forced to either open, despite the health and financial risks, or close down permanently. And I know many employees can’t just choose to work from home, and if they don’t go to work, they lose their jobs — and they’re barred from collecting unemployment.

But if you’re able to? Stay home. Wash your hands. Limit your trips out in public, and if you have to go out, wear a mask. Get exercise and some outdoor time, but do it safely. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

The estimates say we’ll be dealing with 3,000 deaths a day before long — a 9/11 every damn day, and the politicians and pundits are shrugging it all off. And remember, those are extremely optimistic estimates — they could be a hell of a lot higher, and they could go on for another 18-36 months.

And the jackasses going on TV to tell us we need to just take the punch, let the sick die off, sacrifice the old so the country can be strong? Please remember that these people are spouting explicitly Nazi bullshit, so you should simultaneously ignore what they say and burn their house down, because fuck the Nazis.

I’m terrified about the idea that so many friends and family members are at serious risk from this virus, and I want all of you to do everything you can to avoid it. Please, please, please.

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Wearing the Mask

Dang, I haven’t written anything for the blog yet? I’m irretrievably lazy.

I’ve got no reviews ready to go, no interesting comics news I’ve heard of, so I’ll drop back on current events.

Y’all as dang sick of this COVID-19 crap as I am? ‘Cause I’m dang sick of it.

My parents are in the high risk group. My siblings and I are all closer than we want to be to the high risk group. Most of my friends are in the high risk group. And even among folks who aren’t in the high risk group? It’s not like we haven’t seen plenty of young, healthy people getting sick and dying from this damned disease.

And the jackholes who rule us are champing at the bit to sacrifice us all for a few billionaires’ short-term economic gains.

And aside from that, I’ve got nothing particularly important to say — aside from wash your hands, keep up your social distancing, yell at your congressthings.

Okay, I’ll say this: Masks suck. Especially if you wear glasses. Because your breath fogs up your glasses almost immediately. It’s extremely irritating.

Here’s the only way I’ve found to make your glasses fog up less while you’re wearing a mask. Try breathing downward.

How do you breathe downwards? If you were ever in marching band in school, it’s how you play a flute. Angle your lips downwards and blow. Your glasses will still fog up a bit, but much less than they would if you were breathing normally.

So there’s my tiny bit of advice.

Everyone be careful out there. Please stay healthy.

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Wash Your Hands!

I’m really getting tired of this COVID-19 crap, okay? I’m tired of worrying about getting it. I’m tired of worrying that my family will get it. I’m tired of having everything shut down. I’m tired of no one being tested for the virus. I’m tired of our disease response and everything else run by the incompetent dumpgoblins in the White House.

Wash your hands, dammit! Wash your hands! Do you need a guide on how to do it?

Do you need superhero songs to help you remember?

Do you need Wonder Woman to help you remember?

Do you need Spider-Man to help you remember?

Do you need Ralph Hinkley to help you remember?

Do you need Flash Gordon to help you remember? Do you need Queen to help you remember?

Do you need the Spin Doctors to help you remember?

Do you need heavy metal to help you remember? Will you at least listen to Dethklok?

At long last, has it come to this? Do you need the stylish 1960s jazz stylings of Neal Hefti and the Dynamic Duo to help you remember?

Batman says to wash your hands! BATMAN SAYS TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

(And stay inside, if you’re able to. Don’t hoard needed supplies. Share with your neighbors if they need help. If you’re showing symptoms, call your doctor to get screened — don’t just rush to the hospital first. If your local comics shop or other local merchants have to close because of a lockdown, try to support them through mail or online ordering. And vote out the Republicans!)

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