The New Weekly


Trinity #1

After the unmitigated disaster that was “Countdown,” I kinda expected DC to quit weekly comics. But they’re gonna try a new one — namely, this one, “Trinity,” focusing on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. We start out with our main characters getting together in their secret identities to discuss a dream they are all having. We also get the Flash, his kids, and Clayface as guest stars, plus a follow-up story about Morgaine Le Fey and a futuristic version of the Riddler named Enigma teaming up to try to take down the Big Three.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Much better than I was expecting, honestly. The best bits are probably Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince sitting around ordering coffee — great character interaction here. If they can keep this up, it should be pretty good.


Young X-Men #3

Ink has already betrayed the new team, knocking out Blindfold as they defeated Danni Moonstar — now he’s delivered both of them to some mysterious evildoer, and when Moonstar wakes back up, she takes out her frustrations on Blindfold. Elsewhere, the rest of the team manages to capture Magma, but not before she turns Dust’s body to glass. We also get our first good look at Graymalkin, who’ll be joining the team soon, and he has some plans to take care of Cyclops (or whoever he really is) once and for all.

Verdict: Thumbs up. I’m enjoying most of these characters quite a lot. I’m a bit concerned about Graymalkin’s bizarre speech patterns, though — after all, they’ve already got Blindfold and her loopy dialogue. What happens if they ever get both Blindfold and Graymalkin in the same room? Total linguistic meltdown?

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