The Return of Lunch Lady Darkseid


Tiny Titans #18

It all starts quietly enough with a coffee spill in the hallway. Principal Slade calls in the school’s janitor — well, actually, Sidekick Elementary doesn’t have a janitor. Instead, he calls for… Lunch Lady Darkseid!


And he designates the dark god as Janitor for the Day. Which Darkseid is entirely down with, as long as he gets a nice jacket. And because Darkseid is such a control freak, he uses his “authority” to stick Robin in detention. After that, Kroc shows up and busts out the light bulb, creating… the Blackest Night.

Verdict: Thumbs up. It’s a pretty light issue this time, but anything with Lunch Lady Darkseid is a winner for me. Maybe they should give him his own series…


Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #13

The Sensational She-Hulk pays a visit to Avengers Mansion to visit Spider-Man and Tigra. Shulkie and Tigra convince Spidey to join them for a shopping trip/picnic in the park, but the fun gets derailed by a superpowered bulldog running amok in the city. A bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents soon appear to reveal what’s going on — the bulldog is actually an L.M.D. (Life Model Decoy — err, Doggie), an advanced robot that has been co-opted by the Hulk’s enemy, the Leader, so he can steal data from the super-spy agency. While the heroes join the search, they soon find themselves under attack from hostile robotic pigeons, police horses, and pelicans before the Leader and his giant killer robot make their own appearance.

Verdict: Another thumbs up. Outstanding dialogue and characterization on display here. The entire story is very fun and funny — and like nearly all of Marvel’s all-ages comics, it works great for both kids and adults. Go pick it up!

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