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Friday Night Fights: Breakneck Bear!

It’s the end of the work-week, and we’re all needing a break from work and responsibility and everything else. What’s the best way to start the weekend? Obviously, you gotta start with… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us from November 1984’s Marvel Fanfare #17, with a story by David Anthony Kraft and Tony Salmons. The Hulk is out roaming in the woods, causes some mayhem, accidentally starts a fire, and starts a stampede of animals, all the while complaining that all he wants is peace and quiet. And once a panicked bear attacks old Jade Jaws… well, things get even worse.

Holy bananas, the Hulk just gave that bear the Gwen Stacy treatment!

Smooth move, Green Genes. Maybe you wanna go off somewhere and stomp on some kittens, too?

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Friday Night Fights: Collateral Chaos!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s been yet another heck-of-a-week, and the best way to recover from that and get your weekend started right is with a little of our old favorite: FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight’s battle comes to us all the way from January 1963’s The Incredible Hulk #5 by none other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, as a villain called Tyrannus menaces the Hulk, who responds by pulling a Samson on everyone…

And what’s that last sound effect? Barroom? Sounds like where I’m headed next. Y’all have a great weekend — see you back here Monday…

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Friday Night Fights: For AMERICA!

Hey, it’s Fourth of July weekend! That means it’s time to get into a special edition of Friday Night Fights that’s guaranteed to not start fires (’cause dagblast it, it’s dry as freakin’ kindling out there!) and is a perfect representation of America itself!

(digs in Friday Night Fight Files to find something that’ll fit the necessary criteria)

(digs some more)

Well, okay, fine. I’m never going to find a battle that features the Thing that fits the criteria. You don’t think Ben Grimm would ever fight Captain America, do you? NO WAY! (And if you find something that has Ben Grimm fighting Captain America… keep it quiet, bucko.)

So instead, here’s the Thing doing what he does best: from February 1976’s Fantastic Four #176, by Roy Thomas, George Perez, and Joe Sinnott: The Thing vs. the Hulk!

There we go — enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend, eat some barbecue, listen to some Sousa marches… and NO FREAKIN’ FIREWORKS! Ya wanna burn everything up, ya loons?!

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Friday Night Fights: Gang Green!

Awright, I slacked off last week, but it’s time to pull out some scans from some actually decent fights for a change. So let’s kick out the jams and jump right into tonight’s edition of… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

This evening’s battle looks like it might’ve been better suited to Halloween… but I don’t want to wait another nine months to use this, so it’s getting used right now. From December 2008’s Monster-Size Hulk #1, from a story by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman — Victoria Frankenstein, the granddaughter of, well, Frankenstein, has used a gamma-powered blood transfusion to revive the legendary Monster of Frankenstein!

I hear hitting each other with tractors is the traditional way to celebrate Fridays in Transylvania.

Everyone have a great weekend, and I’ll see y’all back here on Monday.

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Friday Night Fights: Clobberin’ Time!

Friends and neighbors, we’re at the end of the latest cycle of Friday Night Fights. What’ve we had in the last 12 weeks? Well, we’ve gotten to spotlight battles from Lovecraftian Killer Croc, alternate-future Green Arrow and the Atom, Tabitha Smith and Aaron Stack, Thor (and the winner of that week’s all-blogs contest), Nick Fury, Bruce Wayne, Captain America (another win for me!), another from Cap plus Iron Man, Spider Jerusalem, Brickhouse, Hellboy (another winner!), and Captain Marvel!

So tonight, we’ve got the prize round — I get to post another fight, you get to head over to SpaceBooger’s place (hmm, probably sometime around 9 or 10 tonight), look over the other entrants, and cast your vote for which one of us brought the best battle. Y’all ready?

My entry tonight is from all the way back in September 1973, with Marvel Feature #11 by Len Wein, Jim Starlin, and Joe Sinnott. There are some great comic book matchups all through comic history, but there are few that are as consistently awesome as the brawls between that blue-eyed idol of millions, the Thing, and ol’ Jade Jaws, the Hulk!

Awright, there you got it. Don’t forget, pay SpaceBooger a visit later tonight or this weekend and pick your favorite battles!

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How Can You Tell when the Hulk is Wearing Too Much Hair Gel?


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Battle Royale with Cheese

Man, I’ve spent too many days in a row reviewing comics (Yes, dangit, two days in a row is a lot. Because shut up, that’s why.), and I’m starting to run low on unreviewed comics besides. So, inspired by this from Snell and this from Kalinara, y’all give me your opinions on the vital question of WHO WOULD WIN?

The combatants:


Superman vs. the Hulk!

Both widely considered the strongest heroes in their individual universes, any conflict between these two often leads to widespread property damage. With his larger variety of powers (flight, heat vision, freezing breath, super-ventriloquism), the Man of Steel often ends up the victor in crossovers that feature these two characters, but the Jade Giant’s near-limitless strength (The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets) means you can never count him out before the final bell.

We’ll go with a best-two-out-of-three battle.

Contest 1:


Pillow Fighting!

Contest 2:

Coin-op Galaga!

Contest 3:

Huggin’ Bunnies!


(My picks are in the comments…)

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Friday Night Non-Fights: Poetry Slam!

Spacebooger has declared a couple weeks of break-time for Friday Night Fights, but am I gonna listen to that guy? No way! We’re definitely going to keep the savage beat-downs rolling!

You just know tonight’s entry is going to be especially brutal, ’cause it’s based on 2007’s smashingly violent “World War Hulk” miniseries. So here’s the epic confrontation as interpreted by August 2008’s Mini-Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors by Chris Giarrusso:






Admit it — you did the same thing, didn’t you?

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Friday Night Fights: Thing vs. Hulk!

It’s the end of another rough-and-tumble week, and we all need a nice dose of the weekend to help us unwind. And what’s the best way to start the weekend? A heaping bowl of mindless violence and, as always, FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

This week’s brawl comes from July 1971’s Fantastic Four #112 by Stan Lee, John Buscema, and Joe Sinnott:

If there are two poster boys for rambunctious comic violence, it’s gotta be those two brawling beauties, the Thing and the Hulk.

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Oh, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy Fish!

For no reason other than I’m feelin’ down in the dumps and don’t want to do any serious writing, Hero Sandwich now presents: The Hulk makes rude and insulting comments about the intelligence of fish.

(Image courtesy of Timeshredder, who is Canadian and looks like Lex Luthor)

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